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For people seeking support with mental health, finding a warmline, and locating resources in your community.

Peer Run Warm Line

Línea de apoyo de MHV, atendida y administrada por pares

Addiction Recovery Support Warm Line

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Probation Peer Support

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For people wanting information about Virginia mental health legislation and policy, as well as in-person trainings and webinars to help understand, improve and maintain your mental health.

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Recovery Education

Facilitator Training

Peer Leadership Training

Trauma-Informed Resilience Training

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Virginia PRS Network

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For people looking to get involved with mental health outreach, advocate for policy reform in the mental and behavioral health field, and support our mission to improve the mental health of all Virginians. 


Virginia Behavioral Health Advisory Council

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Mental Health Virginia is the oldest mental health advocacy organization in Virginia.

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Virginia’s oldest mental health advocacy organization

We are now Mental Health Virginia

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What We Do


We advocate for a better mental health system and public understanding that mental health is essential to everyone’s overall health.

  • Increase public awareness, decrease stigma and keep mental health issues on the forefront of policy and legislative agendas.
  • Educate policy makers about the barriers preventing people from receiving the help they need, and identify solutions.

Peer Run Warm Line

Free, anonymous and confidential

Virginia’s Peer-Run Warm Line and other resources for wellness and recovery. Not a crisis hotline, the warm line helps keep people out of crisis. Staff listen nonjudgmentally, and can help identify coping strategies, resources and support for your mental health well-being.

Recovery Education

For individuals who have experienced challenges with trauma, mental health or addiction, our programs incorporate recovery principles, encourage self-empowerment and model peer support practices. Programs include peer facilitated webinars and in-person trainings.

Probation Peer Support

Our Peer Support Wellness program is completely free and voluntary.  Once referred, with your permission, one of our Peer Support Specialists will reach out to you to get started.

Latest News

We are now Mental Health Virginia

We are now Mental Health Virginia

“Mental Health Virginia” - We’ve shortened our name, but not our mission. There’s a lot going on this May for Mental Health Month,...

Governor Vetoes Suicide Bill

Governor Vetoes Suicide Bill

Kylie Hobson, University of Richmond law student, contributed to this article. Governor Youngkin’s veto of HB 81 to abolish the...

Mental Health of College Students

Mental Health of College Students

According to the Healthy Minds Study for the 2020–2021 school year, data from 373 college campuses had more than 60% of college...

Making a Difference

“Being able to talk to you is like a magic wand. I feel so much better having talked to you and have someone just listen to me.

Warm Line Caller

“The opportunity to use what was learned to advocate for mental health

Recovery Education Participant

“That I could relate to what she was going through, non-judgmental and supportive. “

Probation Peer Support Participant

Current Initiatives

May is Mental Health Month

The world is constantly changing – for better or for worse – and it can be overwhelming to deal with everything going on around you.

While society is getting more comfortable discussing mental health, it can still be hard to know “Where to Start” when it comes to taking care of your own well-being.

¡Nuestro kit de herramientas del Mes de la Salud Mental en español ya está aquí!

¡Mental Health América se complace en anunciar que nuestro kit de herramientas del Mes de la Salud Mental 2024 ya está disponible en español!

May is Mental Health Month
Mental health in the workplace

Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health at work is so important!

Take advantage of this opportunity for a FREE, 1 hour, in-person presentation to your leadership team that includes resource lists, completion certificate and materials.

Contact to schedule.

Funded by a grant to support mentally healthy workplaces in Virginia.

2024 Mental Health Voter Guide

With mental health care on the ballot in 2024, it’s more important than ever for the mental community to be involved in this year’s election. MHA’s 2024 Voter Guide is here to empower you to vote with mental health in mind. 

Vote like your mental health depends on it