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For people seeking support with mental health, finding a warmline, and locating resources in your community.

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For people wanting information about Virginia mental health legislation and policy, as well as in-person trainings and webinars to help understand, improve and maintain your mental health.

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For people looking to get involved with mental health outreach, advocate for policy reform in the mental and behavioral health field, and support our mission to improve the mental health of all Virginians. 


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Mental Health Virginia is the oldest mental health advocacy organization in Virginia.

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Peer Leadership Training

Change Maker

Change Maker trains individuals how to participate in boards, commissions, and committees where lived experience is required/codified. These individuals will:

  • learn the behavioral healthcare delivery system in Virginia and the bodies that are responsible for monitoring and changing the system
  • discover why they are needed, how they fit into systemic change, and how to find and monitor parts of systemic change
  • learn about the different types of changemaking bodies, how to effectively participate, and how to find vacancies
  • create a plan and find individuals that can help them be successful in the changemaking role

Facilitators: Bonnie Neighbour and Jennifer Spangler

Advocate presenting to board