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Getting Back into a Routine

Written by Courtney Ball

Courtney Ball is an MHV intern and junior at the University of Richmond studying Psychology and Spanish.

March 18, 2024

Getting back into a routine can be hard. Small tasks might feel big. There are steps that we can take in order to make it more fluid when trying to find a routine. Breaking down your day into segments and setting goals might help make the transition smoother. It is also important to make a timeline and give yourself reasonable deadlines for what needs to get done each day.

Getting back into a routine does not only mean after a long weekend or a vacation. It can also mean getting into a better routine for yourself and your personal goals. I recommend making your schedule on a weekly basis, with some wiggle room in case anything comes up. It is important to prioritize things in your life, what do you want to be in your routine? I know for me I want to prioritize working out and spending time outside. So, think about your priorities when creating a schedule.

Mondays are hard for many, for many reasons. Long weekends are even harder to come back from for some. The longer the break, such as vacations, holidays, semester and summer breaks can take longer for the mind and body to adjust. Our sleep, eating and other habits change over this time. So, in order to get back into a routine these changes in sleep, exercise, eating routines have to realign. 

The holidays can carry their own amount of stress. Furthermore, going back to school or work can be just as overwhelming. The holidays allow time for people to forget about their responsibilities, relax and let go. Although, when it’s time to get back to these responsibilities, it can be stressful. That being said, it is important to break down your daily tasks and take things one step at a time. Incorporating a five minute break each day will help you accomplish your goals. Building up your tolerance to get through your day can take time. 

Overall, getting into a routine can be very difficult. Although, there are steps we can take to make this process easier on ourselves. I would start by creating a list of things you want to prioritize in your daily/weekly schedule. From there, I would factor in time for meals, breaks and spending time outside. It is important to remember that staying on this schedule will not be easy at first, but eventually you will build up your tolerance and figure out what works best for you!

Ideas for easing back into a routine:

  • Create a schedule or goals
  • Prioritize the things you think are important
  • Lay out your outfit the night before
  • Take breaks when you start to feel overwhelmed

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